VwS will replace Gamers2 at the CoD Summer Championship

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Unfortunately, due to player related issues, Gamers2 are no longer able to attend the Gfinity Call of Duty Summer Championship.

As a result, we’re delight to announce that VwS will now attend the event, in place of the vacant position left by Gamers2.


The official VwS Summer Championship roster is as follows:

Josh ‘’Realize’’ Taylor

Nick ‘’Nolson’’ Nolson

Jake ‘’Jake’’ Wellsteed


Gurdip ‘’SunnyB’’ Bains

Further information regarding the tournament layout and scheduling will be available in the near future. You'll be able to catch the entirety of the Summer Championship via Gfinity Live TV.

For those who would like to watch all the action live, you can purchase tickets and read up on more information regarding the event here

Keep up to date with all the latest gaming and eSports news via our Twitter: @Gfinity.


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