RosterMania Strikes Again!

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It’s happening! RosterMania has officially begun!

Prior to the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops III, several organisations and teams have already started to build their ideal rosters.


Want to know who’s gone where? Check out the confirmed moves below:

Monday 26th October 2015

Denial release all 4 players

-          Huke and Temp join Enigma 6’s U18 roster consisting of TJHaly, Huke, Temp and General.

-          Slasher currently a Free Agent.

Burnsoff, Whea7s and Chino announce they have left Rise Nation. – Aches’s position is still unknown.

-          Rise Nation have acquired Slacked, Classic and Octane and plan to announce their 4th player in the coming days. 


TcM announces he has left Team Orbit and is a Free Agent for Black Ops 3. 

MerK announces he is a Free Agent for BO3.

-          MerK has stated he will be scrimming with EnVyUs as he is still under contract with the Boys in Blue. He has also suggested he could join an organisation which is not currently involved in CoD eSports. Cloud 9 maybe? 

Thrust Nation’s Mochila and Royalty announce their free agency for Black Ops 3. 

Enigma 6 announce Dedo and Silly are joining their Pro roster. An announcement is due later today.

Team eLevate announce they will be rebuilding their roster for Black Ops 3. 

Aqua announces that Epsilon eSports will be looking for a 4th player to compete alongside himself, Remy and Nagafen. Parasite now a Free Agent 


In the past hour, John and Anticity have declared their Free Agency for Black Ops 3. 

Apathy has been released from Team Kaliber and will team with Censor and Saints for Black Ops 3.

Tuesday 27th October 2015

Rise Nation have announced Loony will be their 4th player, alongside Classic, Slacked and Octane. 

Team EnVyUs have released Goonjar and Loony and have acquired Aches and Slasher for Black Ops 3.

Enigma6 add Burns to their Pro roster. The team now consists of Dedo, SiLLY, Burns.

Legal and Blfire announce free agency for Black Ops 3.


FLawLesS announces his return to competitive Call of Duty and is a free agent for Black Ops 3.

Stunner Gaming acquire Assault and complete their roster. The team now consists of Perplexed, Swarley and GodLike.

SpaceLy announces he will be teaming with Replays, ProoFy and John heading into the launch of Black Ops 3. No confirmation of which organisation the roster will represent.

Felony announces he is a free agent for Black Ops 3.

Dream Team complete their roster, as Chino joins Diabolic, Sender and Watson.

Wednesday 28th October 2015

Team Kaliber reunite their original roster, as Goonjar joins Sharp, Theory and Neslo for Black Ops 3. 


OpTic Nation release Ricky, Nameless and Mirx. They are now looking for a new team while Ricky, Nameless and Mirx are looking for 1.

Apotheon eSports announce a new squad of Fears, Legal, Phizzurp and Lacefield heading into Black Ops 3.

Monday 2nd November 2015

With just a matter of days before the worlwide launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, let's recap some of the major roster changes:

OpTic Nation are looking for 3 players after releasing Nameless, Ricky and Mirx.

Parasite announces he will be teaming with Nameless, Ricky and Mirx. They are looking for an organisation.

The original Team Kaliber reunites, as Goonjar joins the trio of Neslo, Theory and Sharp.


Team EnVyUs are still looking for 1 player to compete alongside Slasher, Aches and JKap.

Team eLevate have acquired the former Team Revenge roster for Black Ops 3. (Faccento, Remy, Nagafen & Aqua)

Flawless announces his return to CoD eSports. He and Vengeance are looking for 2 players. The return of Quantic Nex-TT-hreat?*

There are still several talented players who have yet to secure a team for the upcoming season. Here's a list of some noteable Free Agents:











Wednesday 11th November 2015

Luminosity Gaming announce their new roster consisting of Replays, Proofy, Spacely & John for the Black Ops 3 Season


MerK is still a Free Agent after having talks with Censor's team about teaming together.

Team EnVyUs announce that TeePee is returning to complete their roster. Their roster consists of Slasher, Jkap, Aches & TeePee

Censor, Saints and Apathy announce they will be joining Dedo and the Enigma 6 organisation for the Black Ops 3 season. The return of the old sB roster.


Thursday 12th November 2015

Denial announce new Black Ops 3 roster consisting of Methodz, Blfire, CMPLX & Felo.

Rated has announced he will be teaming with Joe, Moose and Watson. Their organisation will be announced soon.


Reedy has announced he is no longer a part of Millenium and is now a Free Agent.

It has been announced that Reedy will be competing alongside Bance, Dominate and Joshh for Black Ops 3.*

*Most recent update.

What do you think of the team changes?  Let us know your opinions in the comments below or tweet us via @Gfinity.

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