Modern Warfare: Weekly Content Update (May 18th) - Hardhat Returns To Modern Warfare

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This week in Modern Warfare and Warzone, brand-new content is arriving, including the release of Hardhat, Aisle 9 and much more.

Alongside the new maps, a new 3v3 game mode will be releasing on Modern Warfare.

With Infinity Ward stating that the release of Hardhat would be releasing in the mid-season update for Season 3, we have hit the halfway stage and begin to turn our attention to the next season.

Here is what is coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone this week.


New Playlists

  • Hardhat 24/7 - Get familiar with the Hardhat as it returns to Modern Warfare. 
  • Clean Up on Aisle 9 - A brand-new 3v3 playlist hosting TDM, Kill Confirmed, Grind and Domination.

New Maps


Hardhat Modern Warfare
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Filled with a perfect mix of close-quarters action and long sightlines, Hardhat makes its way to Modern Warfare. The Modern Warfare 3 map often features plenty of action so jump into the 24/7 playlist to re-experience the map or learn the basics for the very first time.

Aisle 9

Aisle 9 Modern Warfare
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Aisle 9 is the latest map to be added into the Gunfight map pool. The map can also be played in the "Clean Up on Aisle 9" playlist which plays host to some frantic 3v3 action across a variety of game modes.


New Bundle

The "Ghost Pack Contingency" bundle is the latest cosmetics bundle to arrive in the store. Alongside a classic Ghost Operator skin, there is a new Legendary Assault Rifle blueprint that can be earned.

Ghost Pack Contingency bundle Modern Warfare
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New Playlists

  • Blood Money Quads - Grab an extra player and begin collecting Cash to finish top of the leaderboard!
  • Classic Battle Royale (LTM) - This mode strips Warzone down to its bare essentials. There are no contracts, no Buy Stations and no Gulag. Outlast the rest of the teams to become the last team standing!

Update to the Gulag

There new weapons arriving into the Gulag. The AK-47, M13, Kilo 141, RAM-7, Striker 45 and more will now be available to use in a 1v1 duel. Just make sure to make it out alive!

New Item

A brand-new item is coming to Warzone. After the positive reception of the Armor Satchel, the Armor Box is arriving to all modes in Warzone. It works in a similar way to a Munitions Box, where the entire team can replenish their supply of armor. It can be found in ground loot, Supply Crates or can be bought at the Buy Station.

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