Modern Warfare And Warzone Weekly Update: 8th September - New Operator, Moshpit Of Party Games, Rumble Playlist And New Store Bundles

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The countdown to Black Ops Cold War's release has begun.

However, there's still plenty of new content coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone.


This week is no different, let's check out what's coming our way and what you can look forward to this week.

New Operator

The new operator Morte will be arriving through his 'Morte Operator Bundle' available in the store.

Nicknamed "death', Morte is ready to reinforce the Coalitions Warcom Division.

His debut bundle will include his "Sentenza" skin, two blueprints, a Legendary Marksman Rifle and a Legendary Assault Rifle.

Courtesy of Activision


New Bundle

The new "Devourer" store bundle is available this week.

The bundle includes a Legendary Assault Rifle blueprint with a high-calibre magazine that can chew through an enemy team with accurate semi-auto fire.

Courtesy of Activision

Party Mode Moshpit Playlist

This party mode playlist will include a range of non-traditional experiences like Gun Game.


There's no need to worry about kills, deaths or wins because they don't count in this playlist.

It's just a great way to have some fun and a laugh with your party.

Shoot The Ship

Shoot The Ship is staying for another week.

The much-requested playlist has now been here for three weeks.

Keep progressing on your road to Damascus or Obsidian camos and Weapon Mastery challenges.


Courtesy of Activision

50v50 Warzone Rumble

The 50v50 Warzone Rumble is making its return!

It will feature an experience-based around the Verdansk Stadium.

Before the weekend expect to see Plunder and Battle Royale modes in Warzone Playlist rotation.


You can check out the official Call Of Duty Weekly Update here.