Modern Warfare And Warzone Weekly Update: 31st August - Games Of Summer, Search And Rescue, New Bundles And Kingslayer Mode.

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Black Ops Cold War may be on the horizon but there's still plenty of content coming in Modern Warfare.

Another week means another weekly briefing and more Call of Duty to look forward to.


Let's check out what's coming our way and what you can look forward to this week.

Games Of Summer

Games of Summer is here! This Summer event is free for everyone and is available until September 7th.

The event will give you a chance to unlock some Legendary weapon blueprints.

Don't forget the event only lasts 7 more days so jump on now!

Courtesy of Activision


Search And Rescue

Search and Rescue will be available to play this week,

The objective-based mode borrows elements from Kill Confirmed and combines them with Search and Destroy.

Fallen players will now drop dog tags that can be collected, allowing teammates to revive them.

However, if an enemy picks up your teammate's dog tags they are permanently eliminated from the match.

Make sure you have some fun with this Search and Destroy hybrid mode and confirm your kills on the battlefield.


Courtesy of Activision

New Bundles

There are two new bundles for the store this week.

'The Game Winner' bundle is being released for Gaz.

It includes a jersey-like Operator skin, the 'Footy weapon charm and a Legendary assault rifle 

Mara is also receiving a new bundle this week.

The 'Mara: Kawaii Cat Bundle' includes a colourful vehicle skin, the Aomi melee swords, a Legendary blueprint and the 'Notice Meow' skin.


Courtesy of Activision

Kingslayer Mode

Eliminate the top players in the latest limited-time mode for Warzone, 'Kingslayer'.

The Verdansk map is split into different teams and the game operates as a team deathmatch.

Dying does not mean you are eliminated from the match.

Instead, getting kills nets your team points and the player with the most kills is marked as a 'King'.

Killing these players will net your team bonus points and hopefully the victory.


Good luck and get stuck into this limited-time mode while it lasts.

You can check out the official weekly briefing here.