When Is The Modern Warfare And Warzone Season 6 Update?

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The Season 6 of Modern Warfare and Warzone update is upon us and as always a new patch is being deployed to your platform of choice.

PS4, Xbox One and PC players will receive a new update packed full of a great new content to round out the Call of Duty year.


But what time does the Season 6 update go live?

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Modern Warfare And Warzone Season 6 Release Time And Date

The new season will go live on the 28th August at 11pm PT/ 29th August 7am BST.

  • 11pm PST (9th September)
  • 1am CST (9th September)
  • 2am EST (9th September)
  • 6am GMT (9th September)
  • 7am BST (9th September)
  • 4pm ACT (10th September)
  • 3pm JST (10th September)
  • 4pm AET (10th September)
  • 6pm NZST (10th September)

You can find out how to download it as fast as possible here.

The new update doesn't tend to vary too much in size across the platforms, but will likely stack up a bit bigger on the PC due to the extended support and different options.


PS4 players are also fortunate, as they can pre-download the update now - but the update will not install until it has officially launched.

The Season 6 update is likely to be the penultimate update of the Modern Warfare era.

It's likely Activision will follow the same content update process, meaning we will likely receive a mid-season update.

With Black Ops Cold War launching on the 13th November, there won't likely be many updates to Warzone from a Modern Warfare perspective.


We won't likely see a mid-season update anytime soon, as the Black Ops Cold War beta kicks off on the 8th October for two weekends.