Modern Warfare and Warzone: Season 6 roadmap brings new modes, more operators, and fresh battle-pass rewards

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Modern Warfare’s Season 6 update is dropping tonight, September 28, at 11 p.m. Pacific, and it’s changing Warzone in a big way.

Players who purchase the Season 6 battle pass will get week-one access to two free guns as well as the new season’s playable operators, Farah and Nikolai.


There’s a Halloween event to look forward to, as well.

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Subway stations arrive in Warzone

We’ve known for a while that subway stations would be coming to Verdansk, and that’s one of the major strategic changes hitting the game with this update.


It’s effectively a limited fast-travel system, so squads will be able to move underground, fight for control and loot in the station, and hitch a ride to other key locations around the Warzone map.

Like the open stadium in Season 5, these are bound to be pretty hot drops for the foreseeable future.

“This subway system boasts incredible safety standards,” Activison’s blog post explains. “It will not travel to a station that falls outside the safe area during Battle Royale matches, nor move a single inch if there is any conflict aboard its cars.”

New Warzone mode and fresh weapon rotation

A new mode, called “Armored,” is joining the Warzone menu. “This fast-paced, high-action Battle Royale variant gives every squad an armored cargo truck, complete with a turret and plenty of armor plating,” Activision says.


“Squad members can respawn if their truck is still in one piece, but once that squad’s vehicle disappears, so does their ability to return to the fight. The last squad standing wins, regardless of whether their truck just rolled out of a repair shop or has its parts scattered around greater Verdansk.”

Weapons found across the map in Warzone are getting a refresh, too.

“A combination of familiar armaments and new blueprints will be a part of this more streamlined Season 6 weapon rotation,” Activision writes, “which includes six common, 10 uncommon, 13 rare, 18 epic, and 24 legendary variants.”

Warzone Season 6 battle pass

The new battle pass should cost 1,000 COD Points, or about $10, but all players of Modern Warfare and Warzone can unlock up to 20 free (non-consecutive) reward tiers without it.


Among the season’s free rewards are the SP-R208 marksman rifle (tier 15) and the AS-VAL assault rifle (tier 31).

“On top of the 1,300 COD Points throughout all 100 tiers, in the Battle Pass players can unlock operators in Farah and Nikolai, double-XP and weapon-XP tokens, weapon charms, watches, stickers, emblems, and calling cards,” Activision says.

“There are also plenty of skins for operators and vehicles, over a dozen additional weapon blueprints, and a new finishing move.”

Upon purchasing the battle pass, you’ll get instant access to the Farah operator, an epic weapon blueprint called the Gilded Arm (assault rifle), a Minotaur operator skin and mission, and an XP boost.


At tier 100, you’ll unlock Nikolai, the VSS legendary assault-rifle blueprint, the “Grizzly End” cargo-truck skin, and an animated Season 6 emblem.