Modern Warfare And Warzone Weekly Update: 17th August - Gunfight Map Mosh Pit, New Operator Bundles And Mini Royale

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Season 5 is here and so far it hasn't disappointed.

Another week means another weekly briefing and more Call of Duty to look forward to.

Let's check out what's coming our way and what you can look forward to this week.


Gunfight Map Mosh Pit

Faceoff on a moshpit of traditional 6v6 Multiplayer modes played 3v3 on Gunfight maps.

Communication is key to succeed on these tactical maps and to secure the victory.

The Faceoff Moshpit includes a range of Gunfight maps for players to enjoy.

This includes Season 5's Livestock.

Courtesy of Activision


Multiplayer Moshpit

If you're a fan of mid-range gunfights, this week's playlist is for you.

Moshpit is this week's multiplayer playlist offering a mix of deathmatch and objective modes.

The playlist will span across the maps listed below:

  • Oil Rig
  • Suldal Harbor
  • Cheshire Park
  • Hovec Sawmill
  • Khandor Hideout

You'll want to take special care in choosing your weapons for this mode.

Be ready for long sightlines and long-range gunfights.

New Operator Bundle


The new operator Velikan is now available.


His ten-item bundle includes the 'Megalith skin' and two Legendary blueprints.

Alongside this, it comes with a finishing move, vehicle skin, battle horn and calling card.


The 'Forest Spirit' skin is now available for Grinch in his new Operator bundle 'Eloko'.

This bundle includes a Legendary crossbow and SMG.

On top of that, players get a calling card, emblem, quip and spray.

Courtesy of Activision


Cyber Attack Pro

This variant on the mode does not require players to revive their teammates.

Instead, respawns are enabled, leading to a more frantic and chaotic gameplay experience.

Jump into this mode if you love a bit of chaos and fast-paced gameplay.

Courtesy of Activision


Mini Royale

Don't forget to jump into the fast-paced action offered by Mini Royale.

The mode captures the final minutes of a Battle Royale match.

It's definitely a mode to check out, especially if you don't have as much time on your hands.

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