Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5: Weapons - ISO And AN-94

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As discovered in the recent Season 5 trailer for Modern Warfare and Warzone, the two new weapons likely to arrive are the ISO and AN-94.

Two very interesting weapons that could heavily shake up what has been a stale meta for some time in Call of Duty's latest title.


Sported by the new Shadow Company faction, these two weapons are extremely exciting for many players.

So what are they, what do they do and why should you be excited for Season 5?


The ISO (also known as the APC-9) is a submachine gun that is new to the Call of Duty franchise and was first discovered several months ago when a 3D model and sounds were discovered.


Why it's taken this long to make an appearance is a mystery.

However, the Swiss SMG resembles that of the UMP 45 (or Striker 45 as it is named in this game). You may recognise one of its variants from other FPS titles, the APC45.

The weapon, which was announced in 2011, fires 9x19mm rounds. The new kid on the block is appropriately placed in the hands of the new faction The Shadow Company.

With weapons such as the MP5 and MP7 reigning supreme in the current meta, it's hard to see where this weapon will fit in. The most recent SMG DLC weapon, the Fennec, has incredible potency at close range but suffer at mid to long-range.


I envision this weapon being more of an all-rounder weapon that doesn't particularly excel in any real area but will give you a consistent result.

BAD COMPANY: The APC-9 And AN-94 being wielded by Shadow Company


If you've been with the Call of Duty franchise for a while, you'll recognise this fan-favourite from Black Ops 2 - the AN-94 assault rifle.


This Russian rifle fires 7.62mm rounds and while it doesn't have a fast rate of fire, it can really pack a punch. It was built as a potential replacement to the AK-74 rifles in service, but due to its complex design and expense, it has been used in a limited capacity.

This is a perfect excuse for the Shadow Company, a freelance hit squad, to pick up this costly weapon.

Uniquely, the AN-94 system could delay the recoil force until two fire rounds have left the barrel, meaning you can effectively land two shots with little punishment to the user. With a built-in two-shot burst function, it creates the potential for a near recoil-less weapon.

While this system was not particularly effective in Black Ops 2, it could be devastating in Warzone - a mode that requires high damage and accuracy to succeed.


It's unclear if this weapon will be added as a full or semi-automatic weapon, but I predict this weapon to be extremely effective at tearing off plates and shaking up a stale meta. A nice compromise between the accurate GRAU 5.56 and the scorching damage of the M4A1.

R700 And Other Weapons

It's also been rumoured (which has been supported by game files) that the R700 may be added to Season 5 as the mid-season weapon drop.

We're also aware that the Spas-12 and Intervention are currently within the files.


Photo via @BKTOOR_