Modern Warfare And Warzone Season 5: Tomogunchi Turbo Bundle, All Challenges And Charms

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The Tomogunchi Turbo Bundle has arrived in the Modern Warfare and Warzone store!

Earlier this year, the Tomogunchi watch was released into the game and now a bigger and better iteration has been added.

While we're expecting a COD 2020 reveal as we trek around Verdansk looking for clues, Activision has ignorantly dropped this new cosmetic item.


Tomogunchi Turbo Bundle

"Equip your operator with the most advanced digital wrist pet ever: The Tomogunchi Turbo! Available now in the item store for Modern Warfare and Warzone, complete with unlockable charms!"

This exciting new charm will evolve as you gain kills. When you unlock a new creature, you will also unlock its weapon charm.

The bundle costs 1200 COD points.

Tomogunchi Charms And Challenges

The following charms are available:

Here's how to unlock all charms:

  • Good Egg - get 3 kills
  • Hello World - get 10 kills
  • Blob - use 5 killstreaks or earn all 3 killstreaks in one life
  • Too Cool For School - win a 2v2 match as the top scorer
  • Sweet Tunes - Crouch rapidly over several player after you've killed them
  • Stinker - get 5 Throwing Knife kills
  • Huggy Bear - call in a Juggernaut
  • Mighty Mantis - get 3 executions
  • Rex - get 5 vehicle kills
  • Mr. Smuggypuss - get 20 kills
  • Todd - punch a vehicle 10 times before it explodes
  • Beary Scary - hold $500k in Plunder for 3 minutes
  • Octomantis - get top 3 in a battle royale match
  • All Ears - obtain a Nuke