Warzone Season 5: New Trailer Confirms Open Stadium And Moving Train And Modern Warfare Multiplayer Maps

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Season 5's just around the corner and a new trailer has been released by Call of Duty.

Modern Warfare and Warzone stand to get a big content update with this new season as the story evolves in Verdansk.


The most interesting turn of events is the confirmation that Season 5 will feature a moving train on the Warzone map, as well as Stadium finally being opened.

Here's a round-up of what was in the trailer for Season 5 of Warzone and Modern Warfare.

Stadium Opens

In the new trailer, it opens with a visual of Shadow Company placing explosives on top of the Stadium roof - resulting in its obliteration.


Stadium roof campers are a thing of the past...kind of. Not only has the roof been removed, but it appears the doors on the lower levels have also been opened to allow users to roam in and out of the stadium.

Players can roam in the stands or on the field in the middle of the stadium.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have also noticed the advertisement for COD Champs 2020.


Train In Verdansk And Open Train Station

Verdansk Express has finally arrived! A train is now circulating the Warzone map, equipped with various weapons and equipment for players to use.

Be careful not to get caught in the way of the train as it will crush both players and vehicles.

The main Train Station terminal building also seems to have opened up allowing players to explore inside more than they previously had, even allowing a direct drop inwards from the roof.


Ziplines Added To Warzone

To combat high building campers and slow gameplay, Infinity Ward has now added external ziplines to give players another option to scale buildings.

Often areas like Downtown can be notorious havens for players camping and it's been a big point of discussion for players - it's great to see Infinity Ward now helping to combat this.

New Multiplayer Maps

Four new maps have been confirmed in the new season including Suldal Harbor (6v6), Petrov Oil Rig (6v6), Livestock (Gunfight) and Verdansk International Airport (Ground War).


Suldal Harbor, one of two 6v6 maps, appears to resemble a very similar style to Gunrunner.

Petrov Oil Rig first arrived in Modern Warfare 2 and despite never making it to the public multiplayer, it was in the game files. Finally, it's being added to the game in Modern Warfare as a 6v6 map.

Verdansk International Airport is the only Ground War map being added and if you've played enough Warzone, you'll be familiar with its layout. It extends from the hangars all the way west past the main Airport building.

Livestock, the only Gunfight map being added, also seems to be a familiar outing for players. This Warzone based map features the barn from Farmland as the focal point, creating a variety of different gunfights.