Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5: All Battle Pass Tiers And Rewards

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Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 brings a brand new Battle Pass for players to grind out.

With plenty of new cosmetics, weapons and other great items there's something for everyone.


Here's a look at what's included in the Battle Pass!

Season 5 Battle Pass Items

Tier Free Rarity Name Type
0NoLegendaryBehemothOperator Skin
0NoRareArchangelOperator Skin
0NoEpicSepulchreMusic Track
0NoLegendary60 MinutesXP Boost
1YesRareCover Of NightBlueprint LMG
2NoEpicUnstoppable ForcePlayer Card
3NoLegendary60 MinutesWeapon XP Token
4NoEpicThe CallEmblem
5NoEpicOld SinsKnife Skin
6YesLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
7NoLegendary60 minutesXP Token
8NoEpicBlack AdderBlueprint AR
9NoEpicTarraschVehicle Skin
10NoRareSafeguardOperator Skin
11YesCommonPoint of AttackSticker
12NoLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
13NoLegendary60 minutesWeapon XP Token
15YesNoneISONew Weapon
16NoEpicBad CompanyPlayer Card
17NoLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
18NoRarePhantom LimbBlueprint Pistol
19NoRareShadow Company IOperator Skin
21YesLegendaryFracasBlueprint Sniper
22NoEpic45 MinutesXP Token
23NoLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
24YesRareCrow BroCharm
25NoRare30 MinutesWXP Token
26NoEpicSiege TowerVehicle Skin
27NoRareApodoraBlueprint Shotgun
29NoCommon30 MinutesXP Token
30NoRareLynxOperator Skin
31YesNoneAN-94New Weapon
32NoLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
33NoEpicDeath NoteWatch
34YesLegendaryCompany You KeepPlayer Card
35NoEpicTarponBlueprint LMG
36NoEpic45 MinutesWeapon XP Token
37NoEpicMaster's BiddingEmblem
38NoRareThe GallowsBlueprint SMG
39YesEpicMatchlockVehicle Skin
40NoRareJoint Task Force 2 IOperator Skin
41NoLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
42NoEpicOld Fuss and FeathersBlueprint Pistol
43NoLegendary60 minutesXP Token
44YesCommonSkull BrigadeSticker
45NoRareFiorentinoBlueprint AR
46NoCommon15 minutesWeapon XP Token
48YesLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
49NoEpicDarkness BeckonsPlayer Card
50NoRareHonchoOperator Skin
51NoLegendaryIridescentBlueprint LMG
53NoCommon15 minutesXP Token
54NoRareHot SpotCharm
55YesRareBlack Tie AffairBlueprint DMR
56NoLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
57NoLegendary60 minutesWeapon XP Token
58NoRareDrop AnchorSticker
59NoEpicCult ClassicBlueprint Sniper
60NoRarePursuit SpecialOperator Skin
61YesLegendaryFour WindsWatch
62NoRareOh NaokoSpray
63NoRare30 MinutesXP Token
64YesLegendaryLens Flare - PPlayer Card
65NoLegendaryMeltwaterBlueprint Pistol
66NoLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
67YesEpicWeakest LinkEmblem
68NoRare30 MinutesWeapon Token
69NoRareFalling with StyleCharm
70NoRareChill PillOperator Skin
71NoLegendaryBlack CatBlueprint AR
73YesRare60 minutesXP Token
74NoLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
75NoLegendaryNight RangerVehicle Skin
76NoEpicThe CatacombsBlueprint LMG
77NoLegendaryEyes on TargetPlayer Card
78YesEpic45 MinutesWeapon XP Token
79NoEpicForce of NatureEmblem
80NoEpicJackdawOperator Skin
81NoEpicVizslaBlueprint AR
82NoLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
83NoCommon15 minutesXP Token
84YesEpicLerch ForwardCharm
85NoLegendaryThe ConduitBlueprint SMG
86NoRareSkull SquadSticker
87NoLegendary60 minutesWeapon XP Token
89NoLegendaryEngravenBlueprint Shotgun
90NoEpicCut and RunOperator Skin
91NoLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
92NoLegendaryIn Good CompanyPlayer Card
93NoLegendaryStrange MagicWatch
94YesLegendaryThe Clutches of EvilAnimated Emblem
95NoLegendaryHalcyon DaysBlueprint SMG
96NoLegendary60 minutesXP Token
97NoEpicRoze ThornCharm
98YesLegendary100 COD PointsCOD Points
99NoEpicRough DiamondsSticker
100NoLegendaryThe Company's MightBlueprint
100NoLegendaryThe VeilVehicle Skin
100NoLegendarySeason FiveEmblem