Modern Warfare And Warzone Season 5: 18th August Playlist Update

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Modern Warfare and Warzone have received a new playlist update!

As detailed in the recent weekly briefing, the new update has arrived on the 18th August.


18th August Playlist Update

Modern Warfare

  • Cyber Attack Pro - This variant of the objective mode no longer requires players to revive teammates, instead respawns are enabled for faster and more frenetic gameplay.
  • Face-Off (on Gunfight maps) - small team respawn modes on Gunfight maps
  • Gunfight Blueprints - Gunfight with existing blueprint weapons
  • Season 5 Moshpit - moshpit of Season 5 maps


  • Removes Plunder Quads
  • Solos Buy Back - solo BR with the ability to buy back if you have enough cash
  • Adds Plunder: Blood Money
  • Adds BR Solos

Assault rifles and SMGs have been added to the Gulag weapon pool.