Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 4: Update Is 84GB On Xbox One

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For some reason, the latest update for Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 has clocked in at 84GB for some!

Originally the new update was only intended to be about 44GB - so what's happened?


Season 4 Update Is 84GB!

While some may be experiencing a standard 44GB update on Xbox One, others are reporting an 84GB update!

Activision Support is investigating what the reason behind this is.

Today's update brought in new weapons, such as the Fennec AR, CR-56 Amax And Kali Sticks. We also received new maps Scrapyard and Promenade in multiplayer, as well as a new 50vs50 TDm mode in Warzone.


In an effort to save hard drive space, Infinity Ward has begun optimizing files so that the new update only takes up 4GB of space.

It could be that the optimising process has not gone as smoothly as they had hoped for Xbox One users.