Modern Warfare & Warzone: How To Rank Up Your Season 3 Battle Pass Fast in Time for Season 4

Season 3 of Modern Warfare and Warzone is coming to an end and after another fantastic season of content, attention is turning to the launch of Season 4.

With under a week left for players to complete the Battle Pass, there is no better time to complete the final few tiers and unlock the legendary Alex Operator skin and with the announcement of a Double XP, Weapon XP and Double Battle Pass Tiers, players will be able to get to level 155 and get enough CoD Points to get their hands on the next Battle Pass.

Here are the best ways to rank up the Battle Pass in time for Season 4!

Shipment 24/7

Shipment Modern Warfare
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The May 26th update for Modern Warfare saw a playlist update saw the return of Shipment 24/7.

The close-quarters madness is a perfect place to complete weapon challenges, level up weapons, finish any remaining Season 3 challenges and to earn a wealth of XP which will see you reach level 155 in no time at all.


Don’t Forget Warzone

Warzone Battle Pass
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Alongside Multiplayer, Warzone offers its own set of challenges that yield plenty of XP.

Ranging from winning three 1v1s in the Gulag to using a specific number of armour plates, Warzone has some extremely simple challenges that can output at least 10,000 XP, perfect for levelling up as quickly as possible.


4x XP

XP Tokens Modern Warfare
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If you want to fully maximise the Double XP, combining XP Tokens to double the amount of XP you get from a match will allow you to reach the maximum rank with ease.

It’s not just level XP this technique works for. Equipping a Double Weapon XP Token to level up weapons much faster is an ideal way to earn attachments for custom loadouts in Multiplayer but more importantly, getting the best attachments for all weapons in Warzone to create the perfect loadout!

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