Modern Warfare And Warzone Inspect Weapon Feature Coming Soon

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While we're half-way done with Season 4, something that players have wanted within Modern Warfare since it launched is an "Inspect Weapon" feature.

Despite being a popular mechanic in many FPS titles, it hasn't been present in the current Call of Duty game, despite being available in some past iterations.


Inspect Weapon Feature Coming To Modern Warfare And Warzone

8 months after launch, Modern Warfare is getting an inspect weapon feature!

It's likely the large success of Warzone is what prompted Infinity Ward to add this feature in after such a long wait.

The information comes from notorious leaker @ModernWarzone - despite the source being unknown and unverifiable, it's usually an accurate source for this kind of stuff.


Inspect Weapon Feature Release Date

It's unknown at this time when the feature will be added. If we were to take a guess, it would likely be with the big Season 5 update that is set to arrive on the 4th August.