Modern Warfare: Killstreak Aim Bug Can Ruin Your Game!

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Season 5 has kicked off with a bang (quite literally) with map changes, new weapons, and more!

The game has undergone some game-breaking bugs in the past, none more than the ones affecting Warzone players currently. 


Now, a new multiplayer bug has surfaced and it can quite literally ruin your game.

Here are the details. 



One of the premier killstreaks in Modern Warfare can be quite handy when it comes to clearing out certain sections of the map.


But, a Reddit post has gain popularity from user Bubbins123, which gained more than 12,000 upvotes. Describes their unfortunate experience with the Wheelson and followed shortly after using it. 

Check it out for yourself below!

Damn didn't get any kill- What the fuck



More Problems? 

As you can see, the bug literally turned his player model almost like they were Spiderman!

Some users in the comments of the Reddit post share their experiences with the bug as well.

User Reuhis noted: "Dude had this happen to me with a cluster strike, game hit a serious lag spike and next thing I knew I came out with a 30 degree angle to the right lol"