Modern Warfare Season 6: Prop Hunt Added In The New Season?

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We're all looking forward to Season 6 of Modern Warfare.

What could be coming to one of the most popular games in the world right now?

Might it be a classic party game?...

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Prop Hunt In The New Season

Twitter account WarzoneNewz recently posted a video.

The video contains audio leaks which could be hinting to the possibility of Prop Hunt making a return.

*[VIDEO]* Prop hunt is still in the game files btw 👀 Season 6 maybe?...
— Warzone and Cold War Newz💣 (@WarzoneNewz)
August 29, 2020

The audio contains the messages below:

  • "Prop hunt"
  • "You've earned a second chance to kill some props"
  • "You have a second chance to hunt down some props"
  • "Here's your second chance to find and destroy some props"
  • "Find and destroy the enemy props"
  • "Props are more easily hidden in areas designated by circles on your tac map"
  • "Circled areas on your tac map are ideal for hiding"
  • "Areas that are circled on the tac map contain better hiding places"
  • "Hide from the enemy near locations marked on your tac map"

Could this mean that we will see Prop Hunt make an appearance in Season 6 or season to come?