Modern Warfare Season 6: Mialstor Tank Factory Map Guide

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Season 6 for Modern Warfare and Warzone is LIVE across all platforms!

The beginning of the season has bought in a wave of all-new content including Operators, changes to Warzone, new Operators, weapons and so much more!


Like previous Modern Warfare seasons, two new multiplayer maps have been added into the map pool. Alongside Call of Duty 4 classic Broadcast, the Mialstor Tank Factory is the latest original map to arrive on Modern Warfare.

The map will be available to play in both 6v6 and 10v10 game modes.

In this article, find out everything there is to know about the tank factory, including objective locations, map hotspots, and which weapons you should be using to score the victory.

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Mialstor Tank Factory Map

Mialstor Tank Factory Map Guide

There's plenty of strategies to use on Mialstor Tank Factory


Set in what appears to be the middle of nowhere, Mialstor Tank Factory has been designed for both 6v6 and 10v10 action in mind.

Regardless of the player count, you can expect a near-perfect balance of indoor and outdoor action, enabling you to select any weapon from the arsenal and dominate the opposition with ease.

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The factory and the neighbouring warehouse in the middle of the map is often the focal point of the action and favours all styles of play.

For 10v10 play, there are several areas to explore, including a scrapyard, abandoned workshop, and a residential zone, distributing the action to a variety of areas on the map. For 6v6, many of these areas are sectioned off in order to keep the action condensed into a smaller area.

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Map Overview - 6v6

Mialstor Tank Factory Modern Warfare

This map caters for 6v6 and 10v10 play

Objective Locations


Mialstor Tank Factory Map Guide

Dominate the opposition!

Cyber Attack

Utilise the flank in Cyber Attack


Search & Destroy

<b><img src="" alt="Mialstor Tank Factory Guide" width="640" /></b>

Control of the bridge is crucial in S&D


<b><img src="" alt="Mialstor Tank Factory Guide" width="640" /></b>

Mastering the rotations is the key to success

Key Hotspots



Action on the bridge gets intense very quickly

As one of the only ways to cross from the warehouse and into the tank factory without going outside, action is often fierce as teams battle for control of this essential part of the map.

As home of the B flag in Domination, control of this particular area can be tricky, but can be locked down with a marksman rifle or a long-range assault rifle.

Be aware of the staircase. You can jump over the rail and onto the pipe running on the outside of the bridge. With access through the window, it can catch even the most experienced players off guard!


Mialstor Tank Factory Warehouse

Control of the warehouse is key



With plenty of long sightlines from one end of the warehouse to the other, the building contains minimal cover making climbing up the stairs difficult if one team has established control.

If you’re one of the lucky ones that manages to climb the staircase, it offers a clear view across the bridge and into the tank factory, perfect for long-distance engagements.

Watch your flank! Windows on the left side of the warehouse can be accessed, and like the pipe along the bridge, it is very easy to be caught napping and fall victim to a well-timed offensive play.

Main Street

Mialstor Tank Factory Map Guide

Lock down the main street with a sniper rifle



The main street is the largest open area on the map, and with a clean sightline under the bridge, it’s easy to sit back and pick off opponents with a sniper rifle.

This area of the map makes scoring those longshots a breeze, but with no cover on either side, the potential of a flank is extremely high.

If you’re feeling brave, sprinting straight under the bridge can be a quick way of getting behind enemy lines and causing pandemonium. Equip Dead Silence as your Field Upgrade and you can get away with it!

How To Play

Super Sharpshooter

Snipers and marksman rifles are some of the strongest weapons to be using on this map. The long sightlines in various locations allows you to take down enemies with a minimal amount of ammunition, making this technique one of the more efficient in terms of ammo usage.


Sit at one end of the warehouse or at either side of the bridge and pick off any enemies looking to make the daring trip across the bridge or take down anyone looking to make a cheeky flank onto your team.

Silent But Deadly

There are few weapon combinations that beat a suppressor clipped onto the end of a quick-firing SMG. Increase the element of stealth further by selecting Dead Silence as your Field Upgrade and you can operate around the map, taking down enemies before they even have the chance to yell “enemy spotted!”.

A suppressed Uzi is extremely effective when hurtling around the map at a million miles an hour. Keep your eyes peeled on the glint of a sniper scope when navigating any open areas!

Pistol Only?!

Bear with me on this one… Opting for using a pistol can seem like an extremely risky strategy and to an extent, it is. But with superior mobility to almost all of your opponents, rushing around the map with a pistol is a sure-fire way of scoring plenty of kills during the course of a match.

We opted for the .50 GS. With the right combination of attachments, it takes just two bullets to eliminate an enemy and send them back to their loadout selection. With such a short time to kill, excellent mobility and a powerful sidearm in your hand, it’s a strategy that is high risk, but yields very high rewards.


Recommended Weapons

After some time playing on the map, we found that these weapons stood out from the rest:

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