Modern Warfare Season 6: Giant Godzilla Teddy Bear On Station Easter Egg Guide

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As is customary in new Modern Warfare updates, a new easter egg has been added to the latest Gunfight map.

Station, one of the new maps in Season 6, holds the new easter egg and it comes in the form of a giant teddy bear looming over the map!


Here's how to complete the Godzilla Teddy Bear Easter Egg on Station.

How To Get The Giant Teddy Bear On Station Easter Egg

This is a really straight forward easter egg to and shouldn't take too much of your time.

It's advised that you do this in a private match and that you have lots of ammunition at your disposal.

Around the map are some stone structures that you can actually shoot and destroy once enough damage is done.

All of these stone structures appear on the yellow building to the south, that houses the platform.


When you spawn in, the yellow building on your left (or right) is where the structures are

Behind five of them will be a number and behind a sixth will be a keypad.

You may need to kill yourself once to be able to do this Easter Egg, as the stone structures require a lot of ammo to shoot down.

Stone Structure #1

Stone Structure #2


Stone Structure #3

Stone Structure #4

Stone Structure #5

Stone Structure #6


As you may have guessed, the numbers create a five-digit code and read from left to right.

In my circumstance, I got the code '29513'

Once you have them, shoot the numbers in order on the keypad.

Enter your code into the keypad

Once done, a giant Godzilla Teddy Bear will drop from the sky behind you (outside of the map) fighter pilots will then fly in and attack it.


IT'S GODZILLA: Oh no, it's just a giant Teddy Bear....

While it's not as exciting or rewarding as the Metro Subway Station Easter Egg, it's a cool thing to include.

It also reaffirms Infinity Ward's strange obsession with Teddy Bears...