Modern Warfare Season 5 To Be The Last Season? No Season 6 - News, Rumors and More!

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Modern Warfare Season 5 will be kicking off in just a few days, after official confirmation via a promotional email from Activision themselves.

 Now, rumors have surfaced that this could very well be the last season of Modern Warfare.


Here are all the leaks!


Korean-Canadian COD Partner Leak?

Tweets from users TheMW2Ghost and ModernWarzone have received the same leaks from a well known Korean-Canadain YouTuber/COD Partner by the name of DougDagnabbiit.


This information notes that Season 5 of Modern Warfare will officially be the last season for this year, and we are not going to get a Season 6 anytime after.

They note:

"I heard from staff (IW staff or Blizzard Entertainment Korea staff) that there's no season 6 - after season5, they prepare to a new call of duty game"



Believe It Or? 

It is hard to say the legitimacy of this leak, as the person who has leaked this is a pretty high profile person within the COD community. Bolstering over 170,000 subscribers on YouTube.

However, we do not have any official news from Activision themselves yet; but it would make sense for Season 5 to be the last season.


If it lasts longer than a month and a half, it would not leave much time for the next season of Modern Warfare before the release of the new Call of Duty!