Modern Warfare Season 4: What Content We Want to See In Multiplayer And Warzone

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Even though Season 3 is in full swing, attention is slowly turning towards the release of the Season 4 of post-launch content which is expected to release towards the end of May.

With new weapons and maps likely to be added to Multiplayer, as well as new modes and a new weapon pool for Warzone, season four has a lot to live up to given the resoundingly positive reception to the release of season three content.

In this article, find out what we would love to see in the new season of content for Modern Warfare.

New & Old Maps

The introduction of Khandor Hideout and Hovec Sawmill into the map pool were a welcome addition to the map pool rather than recycling maps from previous instalments of Modern Warfare games.

There needs to be a balance between original and throwback maps to give players something new to play, but also a trip down memory lane.

Season 4 will likely see the addition of at least two original maps and the return of a Modern Warfare classic? Domination on Favela anyone?

You can read all the maps that have yet to arrive in the multiplayer here.


A New Sniper

Since the release of the game back in October, all weapon categories apart from sniper rifles have seen new weapons added into the weapon arsenal and with only three snipers to choose from in Multiplayer and Warzone, the selection is beginning to get stale despite the near-endless weapon combinations that can be created in the Gunsmith.

Rather than introducing a rework of a weapon from an old CoD, adding a brand-new semi-auto sniper into the game to give players more choice would be a great addition, along with increasing the number of semi-auto weapons from one to two.


A Warzone Map Update?!

It is no question that Warzone has taken the battle royale world by storm, with tens of millions of players downloading the standalone game and dropping into Verdansk.

With the recent revelation of the Red Access Card beginning to emerge in various locations around the map, a potential in-game event could be on the cards.

If an event is to take place, there are various changes that could be made to the map but the one likely occurrence is the dam bursting its banks and flooding an area of the map, leading to the potential introduction of boats into Warzone.

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