Modern Warfare Season 2: Reddit User Question Infinity Ward Director About Ranked Play - The Answer Isn't Good

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Modern Warfare is almost 4 months old and there's still no sign of ranked play.

It's been a heavily requested mode since before launch and despite the Call of Duty League season beginning, there's still no mode in-game to match for the public.

With CDL London underway, players are unable to emulate their heroes and try their hand at Call of Duty Esports.

An Infinity Ward director recently spoke about ranked play on Reddit and it wasn't good - here's what was said.

Infinity Ward Director Has Bad News About Ranked Play

Reddit user u/ScharlieScheen recently made a post questioning where the reticule for the Call of Duty endowment pack.

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Infinity Ward's Art Director u/artpeasant replied:

"Coming soon. We were just working on it the other day. Once its out it should be auto updated and available if you bought the pack."

Another Reddit user seized the opportunity to question an IW staff member about having a CDL playlist or Ranked play in multiplayer, but the reply he got was not good for those looking forward to ranked play:


"Sorry. I don't have details on that."

It's not a good sign if a key member of the team doesn't have details about ranked play - it could be a lot longer before we see it included in the game.

But it should be stressed that just because one person claims to not know any details doesn't mean that there are no details. They could be trying to keep things a secret and it may well be in development.

During their Q4 call, Activision officially said that they "intend to build great content for the long haul” for Modern Warfare and that there's “great new content coming with Season 2.”

So the ranked play dream is not over yet.

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Season 2

Season 2 is set to begin on the 11th February 2020.

Although there's no news about Ranked play, a few features were leaked on the Call of Duty website such as new weapons, maps and battle pass details.

You can read more about it here.