Modern Warfare Season 2: How To Unlock New Weapons - Striker 45 And GRAU 5.56

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Modern Warfare Season 2 will launch with two brand new weapons and one later in the season!

These new weapons offer something to shake up a stale meta where the M4A1 and MP5 are dominating.


So how do you get these new weapons?

How To Unlock The New Weapons

Unlocking the new weapons couldn't be more simple.

The two weapons will arrive as part of the Battle Pass, to unlock them you will need to work your way through the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is a tiered system, including 100 tiers, with rewards for each tier you unlock.


In Season 1, the new weapons (the Ram-7 and Holger-25) were unlocked within the initial 30 tiers - meaning you didn't need to do too much grinding to get them.


The weapons are also free, so you don't need to pay for the Battle Pass to get hold of these items.

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Striker 45 And GRAU 5.56 Guides

If you're looking for some handy guides to get you started with these weapons, you can read our guides here:


The New Weapons Explained

Season 2 will introduce two new guns into multiplayer - the GRAU 5.56 assault rifle and Strike 45 SMG.


It also seems a classified weapon will arrive later in the season - which appears to be a bolt action type weapon.

The GRAU 5.56 is described as "lightweight, manoeuvrable and full of potential," while the Striker 45 is a "hard-hitting and long-range SMG."

striker 45 grau 5.56

We've already been poised to expect new firepower after Season 1 introduced us to the RAM-7 and Holger-26.

The Striker 45 appears to be the weapon that was found in the game's files pre-launch (APC-45) - resembling MW2's UMP.

striker 45 pre launch

Both weapons will be free for everyone - but you may need to reach a specific level of the Battle Pass to unlock them.


A new season will likely feature new weapons, especially as a new Battle Pass is arriving.


We've already established that the GRAU 5.56 assault rifle and Strike 45 SMG are most likely on the way - but there could be others joining the party.

Before launch, it was rumoured that the ACR and the M16 would return from Modern Warfare past.

As well as this, a few more melee weapons could be added. The Ballistic Knife is likely to enter the game as it can be spotted in the latest execution move video.