Modern Warfare: Rammaza Map Guide & Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

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Rammaza is one of the few medium-sized maps in Modern Warfare and consists of an abundance of broken buildings and corridors, making it an ideal map for campers and close quarters combat.

With several vertical elements that cover most of the open spaces on the map, lots of tight corners and numerous hiding places, it is important to fully utilise all the map elements to your advantage.


In this guide, we will show you the key areas, hotspots, best hiding places and some trusty Modern Warfare tips & tricks to give you every possible advantage on Rammaza!


The Map

As with some of the other small maps in the game, there are several vertical elements that offer lots of sightlines into some of the open areas of the map, making it very straightforward to take down any enemies attempting to cross the map.

Ideal for players of nearly every play style, there are locations on Rammaza that suit Assault Riflers, Snipers, sub-machine gunners and even those pesky shotgunners.


Construction Yard


Located towards the western side of the map, the construction yard (highlighted in orange) is a perfect vantage point for AR players and snipers. The multi-storey building is full of dark corners so it is important to be aware of what could be hiding in there.

There is access to the very top of the building which has a giant hole in the floor, making it ideal to pick off any unsuspecting targets that are looking for some chaotic close-quarters action.


Be aware of the catwalk (highlighted in green) that offers an indirect route into the construction yard. With plenty of cover, it is easy to enter the building undetected thanks to the amount of cover along the catwalk.

The Café

Ever wondered where exactly the café that your player keeps yelling at the top of their lungs is?

Located in the centre of the map, the café can be accessed in a multitude of ways and is a maze of dimly lit areas, making it a campers paradise and an area filled with action.



The main entrance to be aware of is the stairs in front of the archway. Often filled with proximity mines and claymores to catch anyone entering, the access to the roof of the café is where most people like to operate on Rammaza, thanks to its central location and ability to see the majority of the map.

The Archway

As the darkest area of the map, the archway provides a lot of natural cover for anyone hiding and waiting to take down any players unaware of their presence.

Offering a clear line of sight down the south side of the map (highlighted in green) the cover offered by the front archway makes it very easy to mount and score a lot of kills on enemies that channel into the narrow alleyway opposite.

How To Play

Fast & Furious - Equip an SMG or a shotgun and utilise your mobility against some of the more passive players posted up in high locations.


Mount Up – With so many broken buildings offering some obscure lines of sight, fully utilise the new mounting mechanic to peek around a corner and slay multiple enemies that could be flooding a compact area of the map.

High As A Kite– Climb to the very top of the construction yard and make yourself at home for the duration of the game! With such a good view of the map, pick off enemies with ease and surprise them with a few well-placed claymores to stop anyone from reaching you. Definite potential to score a Nuke!


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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95