Modern Warfare: New playlist update makes changes to multiplayer and Warzone

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Modern Warfare Season 3 is here, and the game just keeps on growing.

Both the Modern Warfare and standalone Warzone titles are getting a new settings update and bug fixes. Here's what we know.


Modern Warfare: April 30 Patch Notes

Playlist Update

  • Fix for Gunsmith Custom loadouts not appearing in matches
  • Removing Most Wanted Contracts from Warzone and adding Bounty Contracts back
  • Adjusting the timer from 10 to 15 seconds in 3v3 Cranked Gunfight
  • Adjusting out of bounds timer in Infected
  • Adjusting the match start timer in Infected so players can join before the Infected countdown ends.
  • Fix for a bug where players could get stuck during the infil while loading into a BR match