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M13 Warzone Pro Setup Guide & Best Attachments To Use


Season 2 Reloaded of Warzone is well underway and as players attempt to establish a new weapon to replace the recently-nerfed AUG, some have turned to the M13 assault rifle


Thanks to its fast rate of fire combined with low levels of recoil, the M13 is certainly a viable option to use in a variety of scenarios.

In this article, you can find the attachment combination and class loadout that the best players in the world are beginning to use.

The New Meta?

We know how quickly the metagame can shift after an update and how easily it can make an impact if players aren't quick to switch to the dominant weapon.

Best M13 Warzone Attachments

  • Monolithic Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • Tempus Marksman (Barrel)
  • VLK 3.0x Optic (Optic
  • Commando Foregrip (Underbarrel)
  • 60 Round Mags (Ammunition)

This attachment combination offers a good balance of low recoil, mobility and accuracy at longer ranges.

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  • EOD (Perk 1)
  • Ghost (Perk 2)
  • Tune Up (Perk 3)

EOD increases resistance to explosive damage which can often be the difference between staying alive during an intense firefight or taking a trip to the gulag.

Ghost keeps your location concealed from any enemy UAVs flying in the air while Tune Up reduces revive time by 25%, making it a valuable tool to use if a squadmate does get downed.

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  • Semtex (Lethal) 
  • Stun Grenade (Tactical)

It is often a personal preference as to which pieces of lethal and tactical equipment that you want to use.

Choosing a stun grenade rather than a flash slows the movement of the enemy, making them an easier target to eliminate.

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