Modern Warfare: Infinity Ward shares tips and tricks for the season-five 6v6 map Suldal Harbor

Activision has published a new, in-depth guide to the Suldal Harbor map from season five, and it’s worth a look if you want to take your 6v6 game to the next level.

Based on the map Harbor from the original Call of Duty, this location features a dock and a warehouse filled with shipping supplies — useful for climbing, cover, flanking, and so on.

Suldal Harbor tips and tricks

“Success in Harbor means striking the right balance between speed and caution. If you’re running around corners in a full sprint, you’ll lose a lot of fights. On the other hand, sticking around one place for too long invites trouble,” the blog post explains.

There are two basic approaches to choosing your loadout on a map like this: either have a fast-firing gun like an SMG, ready to hip-fire at a moment’s notice, or stick to the alleyways along the edges with a DMR or sniper rifle.

If you do opt for a long-range weapon, try to have something like the .50 GS handgun ready in your secondary slot.

“The skies are clear, so put up your aerial killstreaks,” Infinity Ward suggests.

“The buildings in Harbor are so tightly confined that while the enemy can run to them for cover, they won’t last long when you meet them inside. Aim carefully when deploying the cluster strike, cruise missile, or precision airstrike to ensure that you hit the ground and not the tops of buildings or shipping crates.”

Because of the map’s narrow passageways, Infinity Ward recommends making liberal use of smoke grenades and Molotov cocktails to confuse and soften the enemy. The “fast-firing” ISO SMG — unlocked at tier 15 of the season-five battle pass — is also worth a try, the developer says.

“Up the fun with a launcher like the RPG-7 to blast enemies in the alleyways,” the post suggests. “Fire behind their cover to catch them in the blast. Maybe put it away in the buildings, where you’re likely to get blasted, too.”

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