How To Unistall Modern Warfare Campaign, Multiplayer And Spec Ops On PC And Free Up Space

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The annual cycle of Call of Duty titles is drawing to a close within the next month, as Black Ops Cold War is finally releasing.

The beta has been one of the best in quite some time and we cannot wait to check it out down the line.


However, with Modern Warfare still be the main Call of Duty game as of now; there are still some handy tricks we can share with you!

Specific Content

By now most of us are well aware of how massive the Modern Warfare file is on our PCs. 

More recently it was no officially impossible to download Modern Warfare on a 250gb SSD, which is crazy to think about!


Now, Infinity Ward has released a new patch and they have added a clever feature for PC players.

PC players will now be able to modify and uninstall files they do not want on their PC. This will allow their game size to decrease, so they have more room on their PCs.

Infinity Ward has posted some instructions on how to delete certain files, you can check it out here or down below!

  • Open the Launcher.
  • Select Call of Duty: Modern Warfare from the panel on the left.
  • Select the Options menu on the upper lefthand portion of the Launcher.
  • Select Modify Install to open the installation popup.
  • Under Game Content, select Modify Install.
  • Uncheck the content you wish to uninstall. (Warzone cannot be uninstalled.)
  • Campaign
  • Multiplayer
  • Special Ops
  • Select Confirm.
  • Select Start Install.

Note: It is not possible to modify the installed content while updating. If your game is not up to date before you modify your content selection, the size estimates will not be accurate. 

Pretty cool right? This will allow players to pick and choose what components of Modern Warfare they want to be installed so they can have more space on their PCs!