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Modern Warfare: Hackney Yard Map Guide & Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019


A small shipping yard located next to the River Thames in the centre of London, Hackney Yard is one of the smallest maps in the Modern Warfare map pool.


Littered with power positions, vertical elements and plenty of cover to safely navigate the map.

In our map guide, we will show you some of the key areas of the map, fastest routes around the map and some Modern Warfare tips & tricks to give you the upper hand on the enemy.


The Map

There are plenty of vertical elements that can be utilised on Hackney Yard. The height gives you a good overview of the map but leaves you heavily exposed due to the lack of cover. The small nature of the map allows both shotgunners and sub-machine gunners to thrive but a well-positioned sniper or Assault Rifle (AR) player can easily slow down their progress.



The warehouse located on the south side of the map is a hive of action thanks to the number of objectives that are located inside or around the warehouse. With plenty of corners to hide in, it can be a paradise for sneaky campers.


It’s important to be aware of the multiple lines of sight and entrances to the warehouse. The building can be accessed from all areas of the map, making claymores and proximity mines a perfectly viable option to stop enemies from breaching at least one of the entrances.



The two-storey office building opposite the warehouse is a haven for close-quarters engagements and a crucial part of controlling the middle and eastern side of the map. The outdoor area is great for taking down unsuspecting enemies in the middle of the map.

The window located at the top of the stairs is the key location in this building. The ability to lock down the eastern spawn and look towards the east entrance to the warehouse makes it one of the strongest positions on the entire map.


The smokestack is the best position to have a complete overview of the map. With an AR, it is very easy to pick off enemies but like the offices, the lack of cover in the outdoor spaces makes you a very easy target.

Use the chimney to slowly peek a more open area to get eyes to reduce the chance of being spotted from the middle or the opposite side of the map.

How To Play

The need for speed – This map favours aggressive players, so equip an SMG or a shotgun with Double Time as the first Perk to traverse the map easily with a strong weapon equipped. The ability to dart in and out of cover quickly will make it easy to move around the shipping containers in the middle of the map.

Peeking advantage – There are a multitude of headglitches that can fully exploited on Hackney Yard which suits passive players. The combination of good positioning and a powerful weapon is a recipe for a high-kill game!



Learn the spawns – It is very easy to lock the opposition in a rage-inducing spawn trap on both sides of the map. Be aware of the sudden flipping of the spawns, they could easily catch you by surprise.

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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95


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