Modern Warfare Gunfight Map Preview: Livestock

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Modern Warfare season five drops Wednesday morning, August 5, bringing a number of exciting new maps into play. Among them is Livestock, a small environment built specifically for the two-on-two Gunfight mode.

Gunfight Map Preview: Livestock

“Don’t let this bucolic pastoral farm environment fool you,” Activision said in a new blog post. “This is the setting for some of the fastest and deliriously frenetic Gunfight battles yet seen in Modern Warfare.” Barn shootouts are something of a tradition for the long-running franchise; it makes sense that a mode as ingenious as Gunfight should get a map like this.


“A rural compound set around a central barn structure, Operators can use hay bales and agricultural equipment scattered around the map as cover,” the publisher explains. “A deceptively simple layout, you’ll discover a honeycomb of flank routes that take you in and around the barn, designed primarily for quick close-quarter combat.”

Other Season Five Changes

This is just one of several maps getting added to Modern Warfare when the new season drops Wednesday morning. A new Ground War location called Verdansk Intl. Airport is on the way, along with a pair of six-on-six multiplayer maps: Suldal Harbor and Petrov Oil Rig.


Warzoneis getting a massive overhaul of its own, naturally, with a new moving train snaking its way around Verdansk—as well as vertical ziplines and a new stadium-interior arena.

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