Modern Warfare: Realism Mode Playlist Coming To Multiplayer Permanently

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Modern Warfare Season 4 is here, but fans have been disappointed by Infinity Ward's reluctance to let them jump into the game's "Realism Mode" at any time, instead preferring to keep it as a limited-time, rotational event.

The mode was even part of the game's pre-release marketing and the beta, but it sounds like it could be here to stay in the coming weeks.

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Modern Warfare: Realism Mode Confirmed As Permanent Mode

Responding to a since-deleted Tweet (and as reported by Charlie Intel), the game's Co-Design Director for multiplayer Joe Cecot confirmed that it is the developer's intention "to add it to the [quick-play] filter".

That would mean it would stay in rotation, and wouldn't be dropped in favour of another limited-time mode.

In case you're wondering, Realism mode takes away all the game's HUD elements and increases bullet lethality. It's much more tense knowing you can't risk being the second player to fire, and is one of the best modes in the game.