Modern Warfare And Warzone Season 5: Map Glitch Causes Players To Lose Loot

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If you’re going to drop some ammo or cash or even a gun for your teammates in Warzone, watch where you’re standing.

On Tuesday, Charlie Intel tweeted a clip of a player dropping SMG ammo on a staircase only to discover that it had vanished beneath the map.

“It’s only on stairs. Been that way for a long time,” one Twitter user commented.


“Even in buildings,” said another, “it gets lost under the map. It has to be a flat surface. I’ve lost loadout guns on accident this way.”

Between the sheer enormity of the Verdansk map and having 150 players all networked together, some noticeable bugs are going to exist in a game like Warzone. But it can still be frustrating.

If you’re going to drop something from your inventory to help out a teammate, try to make sure you’re standing on flat pavement, a smooth rooftop, or regular flooring.

This isn’t the worst bug to ever plague Call of Duty — let’s be honest — but cash is important in a Warzone match.

It can mean the difference between life, death, and victory.