Modern Warfare 6v6 Map Preview: Petrov Oil Rig

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Modern Warfare season five drops Wednesday morning, August 5, bringing a number of exciting new maps into play. Among them is Petrov Oil Rig, a new 6v6 multiplayer arena built for “close- to mid-range combat,” according to a new blog post.

Multiplayer Map Preview: Petrov Oil Rig

“Prepare for large 6v6 gun battles aboard a sprawling, operational oil rig in the frigid waters of a classified ocean location well away from the usual Modern Warfare locales,” says Activision. “Recently abandoned due to ongoing hostilities between Coalition and Allegiance forces, the rig is surrounded by deep murky water, cargo ships, a docked submarine, other oil rigs, and distant glaciers.”

The publisher expects this one to appeal to long-range players, as it offers multiple sniper lanes. “This new map is divided into five distinct sections, with players starting on opposite ends of the rig—either at a lifeboat muster station or a helicopter landing pad. Other areas to explore include a central bridge, an interior cafeteria, oil storage, and the massive rig drill itself.”


Other Season Five Changes

This is just one of several maps getting added to Modern Warfare when the new season drops Wednesday morning. A new Ground War location called Verdansk Intl. Airport is on the way, along with Suldal Harbor (for 6v6) and Livestock (Gunfight).

Warzone is getting a massive overhaul of its own, naturally, with a new moving train snaking its way around Verdansk—as well as vertical ziplines and a new stadium-interior arena.

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