Modern Warfare 2019 Weapons: The Guns That Must Been In This Year's Game

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The Modern Warfare trilogy features some of the most iconic weapons in Call of Duty history.

From the ear-piercing noise of the Barrett 50 calibre sniper rifle to downright insane power of the pre-patch Model 1887 shotgun, the original trilogy had some incredible guns in its arsenal.




The AUG HBAR from Modern Warfare 2 was one of the most formidable weapons in the game.

Despite being classed as a light machine gun, its mobility bought it into a class of its own, often contesting the best assault rifles (AR) and even sub-machine guns (SMG) at close ranges.

This weapon has made successful appearances in other titles in the franchise and would be at home in this new iteration.


Featuring throughout the original Modern Warfare trilogy, the P90 SMG often reigned supreme in nearly every department.

Its incredibly high fire rate, combined with a massive magazine and relatively low levels of recoil, made the P90 lethal in most engagements.



Modern Warfare 2 played host to a diverse range of shotguns as secondary weapons.

The SPAS 12 offered a one hit kill in nearly every close quarters scenario and despite it being a pump-action shotgun, its rate of fire was second to none; often preferred over some primary weapons.


The SPAS 12 would make a great addition to the Crew Expendable operator who is already armed with a pump-action shotgun.

This is another weapon that has appeared a few times in Call of Duty and would be welcomed back with open arms in Modern Warfare.



The PP90 SMG was often the weapon of choice for SMG players during the Modern Warfare 3 competitive season.

It had a ridiculous fire rate and the compact size made it very mobile; this made it incredibly effective when rushing around the map. The moderate levels of recoil made it tricky to use at longer distances but with a bit of skill, the recoil could be tamed.

This would make a change from the MP5 and AK74u, which are characteristically a bit similar, creating a variety in the player's choice.


Undoubtedly the best SMG from Modern Warfare 2, the UMP45 was synonymous for its low recoil, steady rate of fire and ability to deal plenty of damage in the hands of its user.

The versatility of the UMP and ability to use nearly any attachment with it made it a favourite amongst players. The UMP would be another weapon that would grant players a choice and be able to accomodate different playstyles.



The M40 bolt-action sniper rifle, from the first Modern Warfare title, was one of the deadliest weapons in the game thanks to its unrivalled stopping power.


The low kick after the trigger is pulled made it the weapon of choice and gave players the ability to quickly focus on the next target. If Infinity Ward want to continue to please the community, adding this weapon to the locker is a no-brainer.


The ACR from Modern Warfare 2 and 3 is still one of the best rifles to feature in a Call of Duty title.

It’s hard to go wrong with a weapon with strong accuracy stats, high damage output and very low levels of recoil. The recoil meant it was a good all-rounder in all scenarios, whether it’s taking down a sniper from the other end of the map or battling it out with an SMG in close proximity.

This gun would work perfectly on all of the maps we suggested that should return.



Modern Warfare 3 had a strong arsenal of sub-machine guns and the MP7 was the icing on the cake.

The evolution of the MP5 had incredible levels of mobility, which gave players the chance to ambush unsuspecting players, for a quick and easy kill. Armed with a solid ironsight, players could customise their weapon with other attachments rather than waste a slot on a different scope.

The MP7 is another weapon that has appeared in other Call of Duty titles with great success.


Although the M16 featured throughout the original trilogy, its best incarnation was from Call of Duty 4.



Armed with a steady burst fire along with a high level of damage, the M16 was perfect for long range fights. Any bursts that hit the upper half of the body and the enemy would be taken down with ease.

This is a staple weapon of Modern Warfare and it would be wrong not to see it return.


Last and by no means least on our list is the Intervention bolt-action sniper rifle from Modern Warfare 2.

The Intervention became a household name in Call of Duty thanks to its mobility and quick ADS time. Snipers fully utilised its features, hitting incredible shots from the most unsuspecting places and lighting up the killfeed with often unmatched multi-kills.

Hearing the sound of the Intervention raining down across the map on October 25th would be epic!

That’s our list! What weapons from the original Modern Warfare trilogy would you like to see return to the battlefield in October? Tweet us!


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Written ByJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95