Modern Warfare 2019 News: Prestiging Information And How It Works, Battle Pass And Seasons

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The Modern Warfareprestige system has been replaced, confirming leaks from TheGamingRevolution. The traditional Call of Duty prestiging system followed a 10-tier system, where plays need to rank up and hit a level cap for each prestige to enter the next; usually rewarding players with new classes, titles and emblems for doing so. Post-launch the number of prestiges are often increased.

Now it sounds like the traditional prestige system is being scrapped in place of a new seasonal themed ranking system. Here's what we know so far.


The New Prestige/Ranking System

TheGamingRevolution revealed that there is no prestige system and instead is being replaced by a seasonal ranking system.

You will begin the multiplayer with the standard 1-55 levels. Once you reach level 55, you will begin the seasonal rank (for that season) going past level 55; this rank is reset once the season is complete, to your original rank and you will return to level 55. There will also be challenges to complete (rumoured to be around 100), which will give you a ribbon and an XP modifier.


The big reason for this is to help rank up your weapons, with some weapons rumoured to have over 80 levels.

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What Seasons Will We Have?

It has been reported that there will be 5 seasons for Modern Warfare:

  • Season 1 - Broken Arrow
  • Season 2 - Cyber Attack
  • Season 3 - Bio Warfare
  • Season 4 - Home Grown Terrorism
  • Season 5 - Climate War

This is data mined information and is not 100% confirmed. But it is very likely there will be a battle pass that is linked to each season


Season DLC

It's also been rumoured that we will be receiving season DLC, which is free, in the form of maps, perks and field upgrades.


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91