Modern Warfare 2019: Game Modes and Playlists We Want On Release

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We've taken you through what we'd love to see return to the franchise in Modern Warfare such as maps, killstreaks, perks and weapons.

To top it all off, we're going to take a look at what game modes will be available in the new game once it releases on October 25th, 2019.



Kill Confirmed

First seen on Modern Warfare 3, Kill Confirmed made its debut into Call of Duty and has remained a popular game mode ever since.

When players score a kill, they must collect the dog-tag of the fallen enemy in order to secure a point for their team.


Now a staple of the public playlist, it’s highly likely that Kill Confirmed will be present when Modern Warfare 2019 releases; espescially as it was a mode invented by Infinity Ward.

There’s nothing more satisfying than racking up a string of kills then hearing the satisfying collection sound and it's a game mode that works with all maps.



Free-for-all (FFA) is a game modes that has been in Call of Duty forever.

The premise is simple, the first player to hit the required number of kills, wins!

The individual nature of FFA makes it one of the more intense game modes amongst the playlist. With multiple operators coming to Modern Warfare 2019, FFA could have the potential to see players of different styles battle it out against each other.

You might opt to use the 'All Ghillied Up' sniper and pick off your opponents or you could go all guns blazing with 'Close Quarters' for the win.

Ground War

In recent years, Ground War hasn’t been seen consistently on a Call of Duty game and with the return of Modern Warfare 2019, there’s no a better time to bring back large-scale team-based action!

Featuring larger teams than other game modes, the action is faster and more chaotic than usual, leading to more epic plays and intense matches.

With the recent killstreak leaks, there are rumours circulating that the 'Tank' killstreak can only be used on "Big maps" - this game mode would therefore be a perfect fit in Modern Warfare 2019.


Capture the Flag 

Capture the flag was once a staple mode in Call of Duty, but has not consistently appeared in recent times. The team that manages to secure the most flags gets the win. The return of traditional mechanics to Modern Warfare 2019 will likely see the return of this classic arena mode to Call of Duty. 

From a competitive perspective, Capture the Flag has always been a favourite and has led to some of the most memorable moments in the history of Call of Duty esports.

Infinity Ward are known for their three lane maps and with the returning maps we have listed, we expect to be a great combination for Modern Warfare 2019.

Team Deathmatch 

Team Deathmatch is always the most populated mode thanks to its simplicity, the team that gets to the kill target first wins.

The combination of high-speed gameplay and working with your team to get control of the map, makes it a good proving ground when experimenting with a new class setup or attempting to get familiar with the new game.



Heist made its debut on Black Ops 4 and adds a more tactical take on Call of Duty.

Teams must win rounds by grabbing an objective or taking down the enemy.


Earn money by scoring kills and winning rounds to create a class in order to gain perks and upgrade your weapons

With Modern Warfare 2019 rumoured to be a more tactical and strategic title, Heist could be the perfect fit to cater to the slower pace and new weapon mechanics that will debut on October 25th.



Prop Hunt 

Rewarding players for their cunning and stealth, prop hunt is the Call of Duty equivalent to hide and seek.

Players would attempt to blend into various parts of a map without being spotted by the seeker. 

With various props that will be on all Modern Warfare 2019 maps, including the fan favourite mode would make a great alternative to the more traditional modes.


Along with Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All, Domination is a mode that has featured on nearly every Call of Duty title.

Two teams battle it out for control of three objectives – two home points and one neutral. 

This is a great game mode for raking in experience, Domination will more than likely return on Modern Warfare 2019 and will maintain the fun and frenetic gameplay that casual and competitive players have come to enjoy over the years. 



One of the more recent additions to the franchise is Hardpoint.

Two teams battle it out for control of various points around the map, the first to reach 250 points is crowned the winner. Hardpoint has quickly become a staple of Call of Duty, thanks to the all-out chaos that rains on nearly every single hill. 


Now a main feature in competitive Call of Duty, the likelihood of Hardpoint returning in October is very high.

It has quickly become one of the most popular game modes for casual players and many are looking forward to playing it on Modern Warfare 2019!

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Search & Destroy 

Last and by no means least is Search & Destroy (S&D).

Providing a more tactical and strategic element than other modes on the list, S&D can favour all styles of play from sitting back with a sniper to rushing towards the enemy with an SMG.

A team can win a round by eliminating the other team or successfully destroying one of the two objectives on the map. This game mode can transform even the worst maps into an incredible tactical duel.

In my opinion it is the best mode in CoD history thanks to its ability to cater to all playstyles and its ability to provide crazy clutches.

That’s our list! What modes would you like to see return on Modern Warfare 2019? Tweet us!

Gamescom 2019 is fast approaching and we will no doubt hear more about Modern Warfare 2019! Read more about Gamescom here.

Written ByJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95