Modern Warfare Season 5: 1911 Setup Guide & Best Attachments for Your Class in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

The 1911 pistol is one of the most versatile secondary weapons in Season 5 of Modern Warfare.

The well-rounded semi-automatic pistol is easy to handle when firing at long-range targets thanks to its moderate rate of fire.

Combined with a strong damage output at most ranges, the 1911 is certainly one of the stronger pistols to choose from in the Modern Warfare arsenal.

In this guide, we will show you the best combination of attachments, the best ways of securing plenty of kills with the 1911 and some handy Modern Warfare Tips & Tricks to keep you one step ahead of your opponents.


Recommended Attachments

Here are the best attachments for the 1911:

  • Monolithic Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • .45 Match Grade (Barrel)
  • Match grade Trigger (Trigger Action)
  • 15 Round Mags (Ammunition)
  • Stippled Grip Tape (Rear Grip)

This particular combination of attachments gives players a near-perfect balance of recoil control and high output of damage at nearly every possible range.

With 15 bullets loaded into the magazine, it is great for taking down a small group of opponents quickly and enables you to spend less time reloading and more time taking down the bad guys!

Equipping the monolithic suppressor adds an element of stealth to the 1911, decreasing the sound drastically but increasing the damage range, making it even more effective at the longer ranges.


Recommended Perks

For the first perk, either Scavenger or Double Time is perfect fits when using the 1911 pistol.

Choose Scavenger to be able to loot extra ammo from fallen enemies or select Double Time to increase the length of your tactical sprint to navigate the map faster and evade any incoming enemies.

Perk number two is a bit more straightforward. Select Hardline to make killstreaks one less kill to earn. This perk is perfect when using a pistol as it can be difficult to acquire some of the streaks that are higher up the list.

The third and final perk can be two options. Option one is Amped which increases your weapon swap speed, giving you quick access to the pistol.

The second option is Shrapnel which gives you an additional piece of lethal equipment, perfect for objective game modes such as Hardpoint, Domination and Headquarters.

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Top Tips

Quick on the Draw

When using the 1911, reaction time is an essential part of achieving success with the pistol. Do your best to lock onto your target as quickly as possible to beat your opponent in a gunfight.

Remember that switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading so reacting quickly to the situation can often make all the difference.

The Marksman

Thanks to the moderate rate of fire that the 1911 possesses, the 1911 can be controlled easily even at the longest ranges.

Even if you don’t secure the kill, making them an easy target for your teammate is always helpful. As always, aim for the upper section of the body to deal the highest amounts of damage.


Sneaky Beaver

Channel your inner secret agent with this particular top tip. Get behind enemy lines, capitalise on the element of stealth thanks to the monolithic suppressor and takedown unsuspecting opponents with ease.

If you’re feeling brave, throw in some of the audacious finishing moves to add insult to injury!


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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95


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