Infinity Ward Removes Recently Added Modern Warfare Maps

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Just when it looked like Activision and Infinity Ward had completely abandoned support for 2019's Modern Warfare, three new maps made an unexpected appearance in the game, reigniting hopes that fresh content was still on its way.

Classic CoD4 map Killhouse, Al-Raab Airbase, and Drainage appeared in the game after the mid-season update for Warzone went live across all platforms.


Despite the widespread positivity received with the release of new content for the first time since the release of Black Ops Cold War, developer Infinity Ward has seemingly removed Al-Raab Airbase and Drainage without explanation, much to the annoyance of players still enjoying Modern Warfare.

Here's everything we know surrounding the removal of the maps.

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Modern Warfare Maps Removed

Drainage gunfight map modern warfare disappeared

The new maps arrived with no acknowledgement from either Activision or Infinity Ward, already suggesting that they weren't intended for release. Having been within the game for just over a week, they were removed with no communication from the publisher or developer.

Despite the omissions of Al-Raab Airbase and Drainage, the remake of Killhouse and its 24/7 playlist remains, adding a further layer of confusion to the issue.

Speaking of confusion, a brand-new Operator bundle for Modern Warfare made a brief appearance within the in-game store. The Sparks bundle was available to purchase for a few hours before disappearing from the store completely.

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Will They Return?

It's unclear as to whether the maps will be making a return to the game but considering the lack of new content Modern Warfare has received since the launch of Black Ops Cold War, it's highly unlikely that these maps will ever feature in the game again.

This raises the question as to why they were ever added into the game in the first place. Why add new content into the game for it to be removed without warning just a few days later?

We will have to wait and see if any more new content makes an appearance in the future...