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How to fix disc read error 3.1 in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare


In almost every game, players may experience errors from time to time. Most of the errors may occur due to unseen circumstances.


In Call of Duty Modern Warfare, players may be familiar with the disc read error 3.1. It could really disrupt the game – more of showing that the game is running but actually, it does not.

Yet just like the majority of game errors in Modern Warfare, the disc read error 3.1 could be fixed. Although the most common solution may be considered as a big move, it is worth it and can solve the problem with ease.

So, browse through this article to know how you can fix the disc read error 3.1 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

What happens when the Modern Warfare disc read error 3.1 occurs?

For those of you who don’t know what the disc read error 3.1 is, it shows that the game is loading up or even running. But in reality, it causes the game to become unrecognizable.

Players may not be able to play the game if the disc read error 3.1 takes over. But it can be solved, and only one solution could be done.

How to fix disc read error 3.1 in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

The most straightforward thing players can do to fix the disc read error 3.1 in Modern Warfare is to erase the game and have it reinstalled.

It’s more of a refreshing thing – the uninstallation process removes the bugs that fill the game itself, causing the disc read error 3.1 to surface. It may be somewhat a big move, but it's as simple as that.

Players may also update their drivers to have the error fixed. Also, the overlays that run aside from Modern Warfare can be stopped to prioritize the game, which could result in smoother overall performance and potentially prevent the disc read error 3.1 to occur.

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