Why Were Drainage And Al-Raab Airbase Removed From Modern Warfare? When Will They Return?

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Fans of 2019's Modern Warfare were under the impression that Activision and Infinity Ward had completely abandoned support for the game but on March 31st 2021, players were extremely surprised to see the addition of brand-new maps.

Alongside classic Call of Duty 4 map Killhouse, a new 6v6 and Gunfight map were added into the game without any announcement from Infinity Ward but just a few days after their surprise appearance, the developer removed them from the game unannounced, much to the confusion of many players.

With no sign of a Season 7 ever materialising, the new content was a welcome change for a game that has seen minimal additions since the release of Black Ops Cold War back in November 2020.

With plenty of attention on the new maps, why exactly were they removed from the game and when will they be making a return?

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Why Were The Maps Removed?

Al Raab Airbase Modern Warfare Map Removed Release Date Return Date
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After removing the maps just a few days after they were added, developer Infinity Ward has finally shed some light on the situation.

Despite both maps looking polished and ready to play, the developer states that that "they aren't quite ready" and need some further fine-tuning before they make their return to the game.

If they weren't ready in the first place then why add them into the game?

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Al-Raab Airbase And Drainage Return Date

Although Infinity Ward has said that the maps will be making a return "soon", an exact date has yet to be confirmed.

With plenty of backlash surrounding the release of the maps with minimal communication, it's likely that Infinity Ward will unveil the date as soon as it deems the maps ready for release.

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