CWL Summer Masters: Group C Prediction

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As the Black Ops 3 season nears its climax at CoD XP, we head into the Gfinity CWL SummerMasters.

Containing two British and two French teams, Group C is set to be a competitive Anglo-French affair. Two teams will make it out the group and into the knockout phase of the tournament but which squads will make the cut? Let's take a look at Group C.



Joshh | Rated | Joee | Bance

In my opinion, Splyce are the favourites in Group C. Taking the third seed for Stage 2 Finals, Splyce have been one of the more consistent teams in the CWL. After falling to Infused at MLG Anaheim earlier in the year, Joshh & co will be looking for a solid result this weekend.

Player to Watch: Bance

Riot Gaming

Zerg | Revolt | RiRi | Colgate

Riot Gaming come into the tournament with the potential to cause a major upset. Having filled in for LDLC in the closing stages of the CWL, RiRi can definitely put numbers on the board in the slaying department. However, this could also hinder the team's chances at progressing from pool play due to the lack of chemistry within the squad. But I'd keep a close eye on this team.


Player to Watch: Zerg


Maxxie | Malls | Vortex | Zayrox

Supremacy are now widely regarded as the top team in France. Impressive results against Exertus and Millenium in the CWL have secured their spot at the Stage 2 Finals. Veteran Maxxie will be looking to continue their fine run of form online and turn their online results into a solid placement at LAN.

Player to Watch: Zayrox

U4X eSports

Jayz | MysTK | PasTeeK | Unwizzed


U4X certainly have some top French talent within their team. Former Pulse Gaming player, Jayz, knows what it takes to compete against top opposition, but can they take down the likes of Supremacy or Splyce? It's highly unlikely that they will win a map let alone a series, but you never know...

Player to Watch: PasTeeK


1st - Splyce 

2nd - Supremacy 

3rd - Riot Gaming 

4th - U4X eSports


Group C should be plain sailing for Splyce. I would be very surprised if they didn't secure the top seed in the group. If everything goes their way, I can see Splyce taking the entire tournament.

The second seed could prove to be a challenge but I still see Supremacy making it into the knockout bracket. The French team can definitely compete against some of the best European teams and they are my dark horse of the tournament.

What do you think of my predictions? Let us know in the comments below!

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