CWL London - Group D Predictions

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CWL London - Group D Predictions

This weekend, sixteen of Europe’s finest Call of Duty teams will descend upon London, as they prepare for battle at Europe’s first official Call of Duty World League event, CWL London. Tickets are now available for purchase!


As the Gfinity Arena undergoes its final preparations ahead of the $25,000 event, I'll be taking a look at Group D.

 Team Infused

MarkyB | Nolson | Moose | Peatie

During the Black Ops 3 season, Infused competed at the top of the European scene for the majority of the year. Since replacing Zer0 and Urban, Moose and Nolson have joined the red army for Infinite Warfare. As one of the more experienced teams in the tournament, Infused will be looking to re-affirm their position at the top of European CoD.

Player to Watch: Moose


Tommey | SunnyB | Skrapz | Wuskinz


Fnatic make a welcomed return to Call of Duty, acquiring Tommey's team for the Infinite Warfare season. Veteran Tommey will be joined by former Epsilon players, SunnyB and Skrapz, who came to fruition on Black Ops 3, with twin brothers Skrapz and Wuskinz completing the roster. They'll be looking for a soild placement with the cut-off for MLG Atlanta and CWL Paris moving ever closer.

Player to Watch: Wuskinz

Black Forest Games

Revolt | Torres | Subsist | Baldy

Making their first appearance in the CoD scene at CoD XP last year, Black Forest Games are back with a brand new line-up for Infinite Warfare. British player Revolt re-joins the organisation alongside fellow Brit, Baldy and two Dutch players in the form of Torres and Subsist. If the team can play at their full potential, they could definitely make the group interesting.

Player to Watch: Subsist



Diablo | Wailers | Zayrox | ShuKz

Hadouken are a team that has some serious portential. Former Vitality player Wailers is the most most experienced player on the roster, alongside veteran Italian player Diablo. I think if Diablo plays as well as he can do, Hadouken can really shake up the group along with Black Forest. On paper, a solid roster but how will they perform on LAN?

Player to Watch: Wailers


1st: Infused 3-0

2nd: Fnatic 2-1

3rd: Hadouken 1-2


4th: Black Forest Games 0-3

Infused have been looking good in the run up to the tournament, consitently placing well in the online tournaments, while taking down top opposition too. I think they should make it out with the top seed. The second spot could well be anyone's if all of the teams are at the top of their game. In my opinion, Fnatic should make it out but I think Hadouken could really give them a run for their money.

Which teams do you think will make it out the group? Let us know in the comments below!

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