CWL London - Group A Predictions

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CWL London - Group A Predictions

This weekend, sixteen of Europe’s finest Call of Duty teams will descend upon London, as they prepare for battle at Europe’s first official Call of Duty World League event, CWL London. Tickets are now available for purchase!


As the Gfinity Arena undergoes its final preparations ahead of the $25,000 event, I’m excited to share my predictions of Group A. 









Heading into the tournament with the top seed, Splyce are looking to reassert their dominance in the European scene. Having placed within the top twelve teams at MLG Vegas, the all-star European squad will be looking for nothing less than a victory, which will leave them in a fantastic position as the CWL season gets into full swing.

As a team of veterans, combined with the raw slaying power of Bance, Splyce will be feared by all opposition. 

Player to Watch: Jurd

Aware Gaming








The Aware Gaming team consist of a mixture of talent from all over Europe. GefKid and Denz impressed many on Advanced Warfare and are back on Infinite Warfare, looking to make an impact this weekend. Two consecutive top eight results in the online 2K tournaments certainly show that the team can compete at the highest level, but will their form carry over to a LAN environment? We shall see...

Player to Watch: Benji

FAB Games








Another mixture of nationalities combine to form the new-look FAB Games team. After the former team finished fourth at CoD XP last year, the German organisation acquired a combination of players from the UK and continental Europe. Long-time member Kivi re-joins alongside former Tempo player TypicalNerd. Both players will be key in guiding fairly unknown entities Addiction and UAV, in what will be their first LAN as a team.


Player to Watch: UAVSlays


 Hesk | Briggs | JME | BoabyCee

Bando are heading into Group A as a complete unknown entity. However, both Hesk and BoabyCee have been competing within the European scene for a while and have a sizeable amount of experience when it comes to competing on LAN. Could the likes of JME add the necessary ability to make Bando serious contenders for the title? 

Player to Watch: BoabyCee


1st: Splyce 3-0


2nd: Aware Gaming 2-1

3rd: FAB Games 1-2

4th Bando 0-3

As one of the clear favourites to win the entire event, I believe Splyce will top Group A with relative ease. In regards to the second seed, I can see Aware coming away with it, as long as they are able to transition their online form to LAN, which I think they will be able to.

However, Aware will need to be careful of their opponents, as FAB will be breathing down their necks, as GefKid and co will be looking to make their way into the double elimination bracket.

Who do you think will make it out the group? Let us know in the comments below!

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