CWL EU Last Chance Qualifier Predictions

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CWL EU Last Chance Qualifier Predictions

This weekend, 16 Call of Duty teams from across Europe will descend on the Gfinity Esports Arena, all gunning for the final six European places at the Call of Duty Championship later in the year. In this article, I’ll be looking at the teams in attendance and which teams I think will be heading out to Florida. 



MarkyB | Quiker | Moose | Peatie

After an impressive start to the year under the Infused banner, Millennium have been on a downward spiral. Some disappointing placements in international tournaments ultimately led to the departure of Nick “Nolson” Nolson and the addition of Shea “Quiker” Sweeney. However, they head into the LCQ with the top seed and are looking to book their place at the World Championships.

Player to Watch – Moose 



Vortex | Eazy | Malls | TonyJs

Supremacy have been the strongest competition to come out of continental Europe on Infinite Warfare. Impressive online performances have been a sign of what they are capable of but their offline results are a huge contrast. The players certainly have the ability to make it into the top 6 but if their recent performances are to go by, it could be quite a challenge for the French.

Player To Watch – Vortex 



Shane | Brain | Weeman | Wailers

For me, this roster could be one of the dark horses of the tournament. Guided by veteran Shane “ShAnE” McKeral, I think the team has some real potential to cause an upset and possibly make it into the top 6. Last year, Wailers “Wailers” Locart was tipped to be the next French Monster but since then, he’s been fairly quiet. I’m expecting him to make a real impact this weekend.

Player to Watch – Wailers 



In my opinion, I’ll be very surprised if the teams above don’t make it into the top six but there are a lot of talented players who are gunning for that place on the big stage. The likes of Bulldog, U4X, MRN Black and the former eRa roster are all capable of competing at the top level. With the stakes higher than ever, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we do see some upsets.

  1. Millenium
  2. Ex- eRa
  3. Team Vitality
  4. Supremacy
  5. MRN Black
  1. Opulent Esports

This tournament is really all to play for. With the skill gap being closer than ever, this tournament is definitely tricky to predict, but I can see these six teams making it to the biggest Call of Duty event in history. 

Which teams do you think will make it to Orlando? Let us know in the comments below.

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