CWL Atlanta Highlights and Recap

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CWL Atlanta Highlights and Recap

A successful weekend of Call of Duty took place at the Georgia World Congress Centre in Atlanta, Georgia. The multi-regional event was a battle for a share of a $200,000 prize pool and 75,000 CWL Pro Points.


Here are some highlights from the three-day event, along with the final placements which are listed below.

Day One

Day one of CWL Atlanta saw a lot of upsets as the European teams started out strong. Early in the day Team Infused defeated the Vegas Champions, Rise Nation 3-2 in a nail-biting series.

Splyce also had a strong day one as the team remained undefeated until the final match of the day against OpTic Gaming, who swept the EU team 3-0.

The disappointments of the day (and the weekend overall) were the poor performances by Cloud9, the CWL London champs – Orbit, and Rise Nation, who were the Vegas champions and number one seed heading into this tournament. All three teams were top contenders going into this event but none of them ever found their footing.

Day Two

Four teams remained undefeated as the second day got underway with eUnited, FaZe Clan, Luminosity, and OpTic Gaming proving to be unstoppable forces in day one of the tournament.


The Open Bracket matches kicked things off, and MindfreakPro, PNDA, Detroit Renegades, and The Imperial were the four qualifiers for Pool Play.

The intensity continued in Pool Play as PNDA came straight out of the Open Bracket and faced off against OpTic Gaming. PNDA had a solid performance in Hardpoint, and while they lost the series, they still forced the Green Wall into a game 5.

Mindfreak, who were the only team representing APAC in Pool Play, went against Rise Nation but lost the series in game 5. Overall, we saw a stellar performance from the Australian team.

Team EnVyUs gave OpTic Gaming their first loss of the event in the eClasico match up, taking the series 3-1 to finish out the night for day two.

Day Three

The final day of CWL Atlanta saw some explosive gameplay leading up to the Grand Final.

And while the European teams started strong on day one, the teams began to struggle against the North America contenders. Sadly, no EU teams were able to secure a top 4 placement, but this event was an impressive showing by Europe.


PNDA made another strong performance against the Green Wall, but OpTic Gaming sent them home with another intense Game 5, Round 11 victory.

Previously, OpTic Gaming has struggled throughout Infinite Warfare and has never really found their groove, until this weekend. While struggling most with Hardpoint, overall, the team seemed to have an impressive run and looked more like the Green Wall team that fans are familiar with. Formal was on fire for most of the event, and overall OpTic Gaming showcased their slaying power. They also knocked FaZe out the tournament, who have been OpTic Gaming’s Kryptonite since the team’s formation.

eUnited remained undefeated as they conquered FaZe Clan with fantastic gameplay by Gunless and again with an intense victory over Team EnVyUs, steamrolling their way to the Grand Final.

The Grand Final saw fan favourites OpTic Gaming battle against the online MLG 2k champs, eUnited. The first series was a 3-0 sweep by OpTic Gaming, giving eUnited their first loss of the tournament.

However, eUnited rallied together for a strong second series, forcing OpTic to game 5. Ultimately, the Green Wall ran out of steam and came up short, and eUnited became the champions of CWL Atlanta. The “online warriors” were crowned COD Champs and are now the #1 team in the world.

Final Placements with Pro Points Earnings

1st: eUnited – 25,000 Pro Points & $80,000


2nd: OpTic Gaming – 15,000 Pro Points & $48,000

3rd: EnVyUs – 11,000 Pro Points & $32,000

4th: Luminosity – 9,000 Pro Points & $16,000

5/6: FaZe Clan – 8,000 Pro Points & $8,000

5/6: Team Infused – 8,000 Pro Points & $8,000

7/8: PNDA – 7,000 Pro Points & $4,000

7/8: Splyce – 7,000 Pro Points & $4,000


9-12: Rise Nation

9-12: Team3G

9-12: Elevate EU

9-12: The Gosu Crew

13-16: Orbit

13-16: Enigma6

13-16: Allegiance


13-16: Fnatic

17-20: MindfreakPro

17-20: Evil Geniuses

17-20: Cloud9

17-20: Team Kaliber

21-24: Set to Destroy X

21-24: Epsilon eSports


21-24: Detroit Renegades

21-24: The Imperial

25-28: Red Reserve

25-28: Chiefs eSports

25-28: G2 eSports

25-28: Supremacy

29-32: 3sUP


29-32: XtroVert eSports

29-32: Lethal Gaming

29-32: Echo Fox

33-40: GutToughGaming

33-40: Tainted Minds

33-40: Dream

33-40: Fury Gaming


33-40: Nimble Gamers

33-40: Ghost Gaming

33-40: Insomnia eSports

33-40: The Gosu Crew

41-48: Final Feature Gaming

41-48: Second Nature

41-48: EZG eSports


41-48: XtroVert eSports EU

41-48: Merciless Gaming

41-48: RogueGG

41-48: University eSports

41-48: Projekt Evil

49-64: OneChip Gaming

49-64: Warfare Gaming


49-64: Saints and Angels

49-64: EMP

49-64: NexVel eSports

49-64: Wise Gaming

49-64: Axon Illicit

49-64: BlazenKalaniBizFlash

49-64: Sigma


49-64: InControl

49-64: RiFt Nation

49-64: SourGamingPro

49-64: Tri3ity Se7en

49-64: Awe eSports

49-64: SpawnKilled armor

49-64: Guilty Esports 


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