CWL Atlanta - Group A Predictions

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CWL Atlanta - Group A Predictions

Taking place at the Georgia World Congress Centre from February 10th–12th, CWL Atlanta is the first international Call of Duty event on Infinite Warfare. Over 170 teams are set to compete for a share of the $200,000 prize pool.


Let’s take a look at the teams set to battle in Group A.

Rise Nation

LoonyFeLo | Aqua | Faccento

Heading to Atlanta with the top seed, Rise Nation are looking to hold onto their place at the top of the podium. The MLG Vegas champs are going to have fierce competition in what is already being dubbed the Group of Death, but I believe they’ll make it out of Group A alive.

Player to Watch: Faccento

FaZe Clan

Clayster | ZooMaa | Attach | Enable


FaZe Clan’s performance at MLG Vegas was a bit rocky, however they pulled together for a third place finish. The team has also consistently placed high during MLG’s 2K series tournaments, so I feel confident that Clayster will bring the hype and FaZe will rally for a top finish in Atlanta.

Player to Watch: Clayster


MarkyB | Nolson | Moose | Peatie

Infused only placed fourth at CWL London, but they are one of the strongest European teams right now and fairly consistent. I’d really like to see the Red Army dominate the group, but FaZe, Rise Nation and E6 all offer daunting competition. As much as I hate to say it, a win for Infused feels unlikely here.

Player to Watch: Moose



ProtoGeneral | MRuiz | Kade

In my opinion, Enigma6 will most likely cause a major upset in Group A. They were the only team able to bring a serious fight to Rise Nation during MLG Vegas, but can they do it again? The latest restriction of the OSA could have an impact, since this team used the OSA pretty heavily in recent events, however it would be a mistake to count them out.

Player to Watch: General


1st: Rise Nation 3-0

2nd: Enigma6 2-1

3rd: FaZe Clan 1-2


4th: Infused 0-3 

Group A is the most stacked of the four pools and as a result I expect a huge blood bath from all four teams, as they fight for survival. I believe Rise Nation will still be on their A game, securing the first place seed.

However, in regards to second place, it honestly feels like a toss-up between FaZe Clan and E6, but I’ll go ahead and predict an upset with E6 taking second in Group A instead of FaZe. 

Which teams do you think will make it out of Group A? Let us know in the comments below!

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