compLexity Gaming have returned to Call of Duty!

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compLexity Gaming have announced their official return to competitive Call of Duty.

The North American eSports organisation, renowned for their legendary championship run climaxing with the 2014 Call of Duty World Championship, have returned to the largely popular first-person shooter after more than a year’s absence.  


The new complexity roster is:

Anthony "NameLeSs" Wheeler

Richard "Ricky" Stacy

Marcus "MiRx" Carter


Christopher "Parasite" Duarte

Jason Lake, Founder and CEO of compLexity Gaming stated:

“We’re extremely happy to finally be back in Call of Duty.” “We have patiently waited for the right time and the right players. Now is the time and these are the players. Where doubters will see questions, we see a return to greatness. Working together we’re going to bring home W’s and continue the legend of coL.COD.”

Team Captain, Anthony “Nameless” Wheeler, also added:


“I am excited to say that from this point on I will be competing for compLexity.COD with my three teammates, Mirx, Parasite, and Ricky”. “We are extremely excited to represent coL this year as we work towards qualifying for the COD World League. Our primary goal is to win and we will do our best to not let anyone down! #coLofDuty”.

What do you make of this announcement? Can compLexity help this roster reach its true potential? Let us know in the comments below.