COD 2020 Warzone - 5 Things we Want to See in the Call of Duty Battle Royale Game Mode!

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COD 2020 is set to release later this year.

We've had quite a few leaks and teasers at this point, so we can make a pretty good guess as to what the next game will be called, and when it will be set!

Black Ops Cold War is assumed to be the next game, and we can't wait to see how this new title effects Warzone.

These are 5 things we want to see in the new Warzone update/release

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Balanced Loadout Drops

Loadout Drops allow players in-game to create their own loadout and choose the guns they'll use. Some guns and loadouts can be unlocked through Warzone, but this is much easier to do in Modern Warfare's Multiplayer.

Unlike Warzone, Multiplayer isn't free to play. This gives players who own Modern Warfare an unfair advantage. We'd like to see most weapons become easier to unlock in Warzone, making the playing field much more balanced.

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As well as this, attachments can be hard to unlock in Warzone game mode, giving paid players even more of an advantage. 

No Weapon on Spawn

When first dropping into the battlefield, your player will have a pistol. This allows you to take out players from rage as soon as you drop in. 

If the starting pistol was removed, it would force players to target loot first rather than going for a kill. 

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Overall, this change would mean early game fights are more intense, as fewer players are dying immediately from spawn.

Weapon Balancing

There have only been a few standout weapons over the last few months of Warzone. A few of these being the FAL, Bruen MK9 and the Grau.

With the release of COD 2020, we'd like to see more regular balancing. 

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This would make the meta more dynamic, as a range of weapons would be usable. This may also allow teams to split up their squad into roles, as weapons like Snipers, AR's and SMG's would all be viable options for different situations.

5 Man Squads and 200 Player Lobbies

200 Player Lobbies was a an LTM (Limited Time Mode) for a short time earlier this year and added a little more intensity to the standard 150 player lobbies.

As this game mode was only an LTM, it wasn't a permanent change for Warzone. If 5 Man Squads was implemented as a game mode, we'd like to see it come with 200 player lobbies.

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This would allow for higher kill lobbies and more exciting fights in the middle of the game. 

Live Events


Last But Not Least, we'd like to see more live events in the next update of Warzone. We haven't had a Live Event yet, but there have been a few teasers pointing towards some sort of live event towards the end of Season 5.

Live Events allow more of the community to get involved with the storyline of the game. 

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We hope this upcoming event is just the start for Live Events in Call of Duty, and we'll be getting a whole lot more with the release of COD 2020

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