COD 2020 Leak: Project Zeus Found On Batte.Net

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This year's Call of Duty game has been found in the code of

Project Zeus is one of the many codenames used for COD 2020 and can be found in the code for, which is Activision-Blizzard's client for hosting PC games including Modern Warfare and Warzone.


COD 2020 On Battle.Net

Some files also refer to it as Black Ops 5, which is likely a placeholder as we've not heard any rumours about it being called Black Ops 5 for some time.

Currently, if you attempt to install it you'll get an error message saying "You can't install this game yet."


Photo via @ProtoWarehouse

They also mention that text reveals it is an alpha:

More info can be found here.


Project Zeus

So what does it mean? Why is it called Project Zeus? There are currently a few theories floating around. 

DKDynamite has brought to our attention that there's a book called "Counsel of Zeus" that focuses on what the world would have been like if John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated; essentially an alternate timeline. Does that mean this next game is a reboot set in an alternate timeline?

In the Black Ops 1 storyline, it's implied more than once that Mason was the one that killed Kennedy or at least played a part in it.


It's also important to remember that there are nuclear warheads and references to Rusalka, both of which were key elements within the original Black Ops campaign.


Alternatively, the major appearance of Zeus comes within the Black Ops 4 Chaos story zombie maps as a perk alter. The Zeus alter gives players a perk of their choice and features in Voyage of Despair, IX, Dead of the Night, and Ancient Evil.

Zeus is the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, although that doesn't necessarily relate to the theme of Black Ops (especially as it's rumoured to take place during the Cold War) it may be an indication that Zombies will return with the Chaos Story or have a relating Greek mythology story attached to it.


Ultimately code names are thrown around all the time and rarely have anything to do with the product. It's usually exactly what it says on the tin, a code name, to disguise what it's really about. But it can't be ignored that are definitely some sentimental attachments to the choice of codename and the product's past.